Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pregnancy Termination Clinics Inconclusive Pregnancy Test Results?

Inconclusive pregnancy test results? - pregnancy termination clinics

Ok, so this is monitored on an already asked.7 week, we have a termination because the fetus develops no bleeding for a week properly.I and followed his advice and not sex for Clinical VE 2 weeks.IE "there was no deadline but I had 2 weeks spotting ago.Me that a week at an end, and my partner) has been the use of condoms, but they have unprotected night a drunken man (these things

Anyway, the weekend so I have 2 pregnancy tests were positive, but my doctor is not convincing for me and I did not repeat in 48 hours.I what I think!
Of course, if I'm pregnant, so I'm happy.


geetu287... said...

Sometimes, after the positive pregnancy test on abortion, because of the increase in hCG Harmony come pregnancy.and assist in the conservation pregnancy.they remains for about four weeks after the positive miscarriage.u you can visit this site

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