Friday, February 5, 2010

Cant Open Bag Pokemon Platinum My Action Replay Screwed Up My Pokemon Diamond Version, Now I Cant Open My Treasures Bag Underground!?

My action replay screwed up my pokemon diamond version, now i cant open my treasures bag underground!? - cant open bag pokemon platinum

I have "all Arceus plate" code so you can get them out of the pockets of the metro now I can not open my bag, treasure, without freezing, there is a code or the other, that this problem be solved?


YouZee said...

I can not stop laughing about this, we simply call it shardenfreuder or comeupance a good laugh at someone when I see someone cheat and then be punished for it, makes me happy.

:) oooh shiny :) said...

to see what is cheating lol

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