Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pron With Condoms Is It Possible That I'm Preg-o?

Is it possible that i'm preg-o? - pron with condoms

So ... My last period was 13 November ... my period comes every 27 days (instead of 28 normal) ... I noticed that since I menstraul with my calendar for the last 7 months .... In any case, I ended the 19th November. And I had sex with my BF in November .... 27. used a condom ... What is it happened 3 in one package ... and uses all 3 of them that nite ... lol I know we were like animals ... Anyway ... I wanted to go even one round (4), as he started stroking in and out of me without a condom, but then I stopped ... that m * didn'tc this time, since only pumps about 4 times ... We stopped, but I wonder if it was to have more pron to the ***, because they just have sex. Also my time was to come yesterday, and always on time ... 27 givesys .... True, but I wonder whether this is possible at all .. or is it just my turgid ... I'm going to have a pregnancy test will come tomorrow, if not today, but I wonder .....


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