Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Time Video Cameras Is There ANY Way To Connect A Old As Video Camera To A Pc?

Is there ANY way to connect a old as video camera to a pc? - old time video cameras

My old camcorder (Samsung VP-L900) to a PC? His tapes only documents and only S-Video and AV something / out.


♥ Live, Laugh, Love ♥ said...

provided that the team the opportunity to have an S-video, and then click Yes. U must buy an S-video cable and audio cable 1st Red and white audio connectors on one end and a standard stereo jack (standard) 1 / 8 "on the other side that is plug into the speaker input on the computer UR 2nd patch cable can, just a stereo plug (1 / 8 ") on both sides. if u go to Radio Shack and they have this question (and answer) in the position u hook up good luck!
PS: Just to be sure if uy go, take the phone to

Glenn said...

All records of mining on the tapes. MiniDV. You need to connect via firewire and capture with editing software.

Would you say that is so old, has no USB or Firewire? When this happens, you need to) a recording device camera (like Dazzle.

ez80227 said...

If you have a video capture interface or in the case, or USB, and then click Yes.

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