Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whats Water Retention Look Like Can Fluid Retention Look Like Fat, And Be Soft?

Can fluid retention look like fat, and be soft? - whats water retention look like

He came suddenly in the night, my legs .. Arms, face, back, etc. in all, it feels like a gel, in which I can feel my muscles and bones .. eg the clavicle and ribs, my breasts are so soft and delicate, it feels so theres water in them, you can retain water very soft tissue? I am very thin, and his curiosity about how the clothes would fit me yesterday, but now they are no more and my veins are easily visible, I see my breasts, chest, face, legs ... Pages, light blue, and some are purple, etc. I'm just trying to understand what is going on with me, I went on the pill for a month, but I did it last week.
In headache, and I'm exhausted, and I feel bad for no reason?


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