Sunday, February 14, 2010

Disadvantages Washington D.c. Are Their Any Particular Benefits Or Advantages To Being Born On Federal Land?

Are their any particular benefits or advantages to being born on federal land? - disadvantages washington d.c.

I was in a hospital on a military base, were born as a federal property. Does this mean that I are one in a given state and of the advantages and disadvantages. I think the same is true for the residents of Washington DC is, it's not officially a state.


davidmi7... said...

None. Moreover, not born in the nationality of a country, you're living a citizen of a country through there.

laughter... said...

No U.S. citizenship granted by birth, but the residency and citizenship in each country differ. You are one in a state if it came with the intention to stay. In general, a citizen of a state and the right to consent to a later date, about six weeks.

Hillary said...

Yes, you are absolutely wrong. You are one in a state in which they live, and if it happens, the District of Columbia, then that is where you have a legal residence permit.
And you have nothing special to be born on a military base.

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