Friday, February 19, 2010

Registro Do Mounteblade State Department Refuses To Issue Passport For Me...?

State Department refuses to issue Passport for me...? - registro do mounteblade

I come from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and a passport a passport agency of the United States in San Francisco, California, I took my original birth certificate, the TSA and AP identity card as an identification with me, but for my passport when I was told I need a little more identification tests should my name is too common and different substances d have one book a year, baptismal certificate, birth certificate from the hospital. They were all my documents. The problem is that my parents spent a long time and I do not know where to find a record or a baptismal certificate, not having a yearbook because he did not complete high school. All I have now is a new birth certificate a few days ago, I register people in a journey I had on the island, the birth certificate, received anew center, my DL and CA ID. But I could not find a way to get the birth certificate and birth in the hospital. Someone has experienced the same problem before? Can anyone tell me what they do to get my passport issued? Do I need a lawyer? If he can not overcome the ID, what I do? This is a problem that can travel a U.S. citizen and. I did not ask to become a U.S. citizen. If people help me with this problem. I know there are many people on the same topic can be found by people who hade been in the same issue and fix it please help me and someone else as well !!!!!


SOUTH LAKE said...

They are strict with birth certificates from Puerto Rico, because the Dominicans and Haitians engage in fraud with them will get access to, United States

I will continue to try to find the documents in their local churches and hospitals. Try to find the documents that the school or other family members for information.

I need a better nick name! said...

Directory of baptism, and wow. I know what happened. You need a lawyer or a process for the U.S. passport renew

They will help you.

Ramon said...

Baptismal certificate or a certificate of

Back in the church, where they were baptized - but you need to know where he is.

If not, then screwed!

Cindy said...

Yes u should have a license for a year to give you, or a textbook, and the name, thats ur ur real name

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