Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can You Hit Menopause At 25 Does Anyone Know A Legitimate Site Online Where You Can Order Phentermine Without A Prescription?

Does anyone know a legitimate site online where you can order phentermine without a prescription? - can you hit menopause at 25

I am in good health, normal blood pressure, cholesterol levels, normal blood sugar, stock, etc. - have received less than 3 months. However, I am 25-27 pounds, what weight should my hardest to - I have found in their 15 years! My doctor told me it would be a good idea to lose weight, but not necessary for my health is good. But I want to lose weight! I have a diet for the past few years (in a very healthy, balanced and kind of exercise and weight has remained constant is not lost - but found no good) I made once before phentermine - there are about 7 years ago and it helped me a lot " lose revival "of weight loss - weight, he has until the last 18 months or less held - have the menopause, press hormones crazy and that his weight. My doctor said that phentermine is not necessary because I am healthy, trim a little - but I already have and nothing happens! I would at least an attempt phentenrmine one or two months to see if I could help.


ItsMe said... me about a year ago they were the best rates and does not require a prescription from local doctors, but you have to do an online assessment with a doctor.

btw ... I know exactly what you mean.

sweeti said...

I'm so close to reporting you. But I would not because I respect other people answer your question.

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