Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sister Greetings How Do You Wish Someone Holiday Greetings When They Lost Someone?

How do you wish someone holiday greetings when they lost someone? - sister greetings

Outta My sister is a state and a month ago has lost his son, my nephew. He was 22 I can honestly say that words fail me here because it seems strange to say "Happy Thanksgiving" when you say know know that the person does not want happy.I support, but not what to do.

Please help.


Vera Gabriele said...

I think I could for your Christmas and Thanksgiving and Christmas card that I would write something, write''

This year was very hard for you, .. and especially the family Never forget ... xxx is the name of his nephew .. He will live forever in our hearts .. but I very much hope that the new year brings new courage and hope .. If you me, I am always just a phone call ..

Her brother. xxx

Mama5 said...

I'm the manager of 2 people who lost her father and her husband recently @ Christmas. Although not a child, and God knows how it should be, the end is still someone who was loved and will be missed. Imagine, for it was his nephew. I'm sure it must be for you as well as heartbreaking. So, if I told you that the best Thanksgiving possible that this is what you wanted to hear? All those who grieve too, not just in shoes, wondering how they will be dealt with @ this difficult time, I think he just wants to know that someone is there, and although nothing is as it was before the little time We all enjoy hee those who have to die. I hope that I will be insensitive in any way that could not take my job. To his family, I have a happier time, and the joy that you have. Remember those who have ceased to celebrate love and life together again. Good luck!

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