Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Can I Wear High Heels Again After Bunion Surgery Dislocated My Knees Will I Be Able To Wear High Heels Again?

Dislocated my knees will I be able to wear high heels again? - when can i wear high heels again after bunion surgery

I dislocated both knees. I had a lateral release and medial reefing on both knees. October: The first operation was in the middle and the second on 7 December. Can I wear high heels now? A few months? If this increases the risk of re-dislocation (How much will increase my chances? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Does that mean he mad kneecaps .... Sorry to be so technical, but a shift of the knee is something quite different.

I also had a lateral release and medial reefing in my knee on 7 Done in December. I do not even know wear heels. How's your knee? Mine is still swollen and painful, and you can save up to 45 degree curve in most, but even that hurts. My knee is unstable atrophy, even on foot. To cure to a bad knee and a bad situation.

I want to hold off on the heels of a couple of months. You must have a sufficient stability in the knee and balance, strength and flexibility.

Ask your doctor or consult your physiotherapist.

Also shoes, high heels for using bad for a start, especially in winter. Many people in them, his ankle sprained. Excessive pronation or twisting of the ankle, which could cause your kneecap to saw, so I think that high heels can improve your chances, strange as it may rollover or loss of balance.

For the knee, you should really wear sneakers, but they fit well and providand arch support. Many knee problems have flat feet and legs hurt are related.

Good luck! I hope that you feel comfortable.

BTW, my doctor told me 3 months before my knee feels good, and 6 before the fitness and sports or other risky behaviors.

I was on crutches for 2 people. 5 weeks in an immobilizer, 5 Now I have to support a support postoperative knee.

What was like you? What do you say to your surgeon for recovery?

Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

It is therefore likely to fall apart because they are overweight or obese. if you are so hard, I think that breaks the heel. Maybe you should go to the gym before you try a pair.

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