Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tool For Stalhrim What Tool Do I Need To Measure Mitre Cuts For Baseboard Along Walls That Are Not 90 Degrees?

What tool do I need to measure mitre cuts for baseboard along walls that are not 90 degrees? - tool for stalhrim

Now that I'm fighting the rooms that are pentagons and other odd forms (this is a strange house) do not know what set the miter angle when my cuts for the corner joints on the motherboard.

I think I need to measure the angle of the walls, where they are, and then divide it into two? ... Is that the same procedure for the angles inside and outside? What tools can be used to measure the angle? I have a tool that you use to draw a line on the laminate floor in a corner, but there is a reading in degrees.

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Brian M said...

They sell engines angle Menards, Home Depot and Lowe's in the section of hand tools. I never used personally, but I had never been cut at odd angles. Only 45's and 90's. They sell for about $ 10.

DIY Doc said...

It seems that I've seen, and this question, as the days of responding.

States CARPENTER it. I have never come to call the tool by name, but I'm old school.

You get the answers you say, stuck with two pieces of cardboard flush in the corners ... Tracing paper or models?

The tool seems to use a razor. It is a hollow handle and a blade that can be folded into the handle. The blade may be the niche that is not in any way, I moved the pivot point at one end of the handle, and can drag a wing nut to the sheet as soon as the handle and the blade adjacent to the top of walls. Then, at an angle of cut lines for the population.

HD / Lowes / lead, and is as cheap as in the range 3 to 5 $. It is worth the cost does not matter.

Steven Wolf

rhamm618 said...

1. Draw a straight angle - in other words, to broaden the perspective.
2. Select a point on this line
3. ) From this point on both sides (height and length.
4. Now the slope of the line is as:

M = height / length
M slope = run /
m = y / x

5. Make division to one decimal place
6. Use call this function arctangent Trigonometry
.. .. .. atan (m)
7. If the angle of 90 degrees you want the opposite of previous angle, so just add 90 degrees to the response

a. If the line rises to the right:
atan (m) = (angle) in degrees
b. increase if the left line
atan (m) = (angle in degrees) + (90 degrees)

If you do not want to use this method (more accurate) that I could always get a "carrier" for the angle and the transmission on a saw.

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