Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seasonal Depression More Condition_symptoms What Does The Disorder "seasonal Depression" ?

What does the disorder "seasonal depression" ? - seasonal depression more condition_symptoms

My best friend is not seasonal depression, and I saw all kinds of information, but all I can find technical terms. Can someone tell me what in simple terms?


Sam said...

Non-seasonal depression sun is basically adequate. Many people, when it is dark most of the time. This is no longer the further you get to the north. They sell the interior lighting to create the new natural light and make a difference.

Dee =) said...

Basically, your friend during a season, such as depressed summer. In general, it's winter, that does not make people have SAD. It may be more or less this season, but during this period, your friend is having symptoms of depression. Good luck to both!

Courtney R said...

non-seasonal depression, for example, when winter sometimes depressed, because there are hidden live fast, and it makes me cold, tired and alone, if I'm not in the winter and summer depressed because it's always warm and sunny. I do not know if it helps, but it's hard to explain something:)

talondor... said...

He is known as a time of lack of sunlight is known for a long time to put down some people. Those who could bear the investment in "Naked Sun" in these dark days, and gray. My oldest sister sufferered until it to Florida, where it's warm, sunny and colorful throughout the year. Hope this helps.

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