Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Do They Wax Rosewood Furniture Polish = What Can I Use On Rosewood Coloured Beech?

Furniture Polish = what can I use on rosewood coloured beech? - why do they wax rosewood

I have to use Sheraton Furniture Polish made by Kiwi Brands Pty Ltd. I can not have more. Who knows what they are used instead? I have a dining table and buffet Jackson colored rosewood beech - It's Been French Polish. Sheraton was recommended (and was) a reddish color. Can I use my own solution? If someone is a recipe that the wood and moisture does not damage the tooth enamel of French? Can anyone tell me what you use rosewood / mahogany antiques to polish? I use no products on wax, because it is a beeswax. Suggestions would be appreciated.


♥ †@ÿŁƏƏ♥ said...

Liquid Gold is a Polish impressive ...:)

maryanti... said...

HELLO. This site is full with products catering antiques, and they are to your question / answer to offer the best solution.

Good Luck ask ... GET maryanswers!

B. D Mac said...

You can try lemon oil. Works fine on my exotic woods.

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