Monday, January 25, 2010

Upper Right Side Of Rectum Aches Pressure On Right Side Interior Rectum With Cramping Of Upper Leg Muscles. Doctors Or Nurses Please Help!?

Pressure on right side interior rectum with cramping of upper leg muscles. doctors or nurses please help!? - upper right side of rectum aches

I woke at midnight with a pressure of internal rectal pain, especially on the right side. Your pain is not really its more of a tingling kind of pain on pressure. It comes now and again for about three months. I had shingles before in the region. This can be caused by nerve damage? I also have the restless legs syndrome, which recently tightened. I have no problems with the stool. They are regularly, and it is not in the blood in my stool. I had an episode last night and today with me. Leg is not as bad as the night, but I believe this weird feeling and my lower back and right is still a little hurt. I had a ruptured disc in the last year, which absorbs and does not cause me any pain for some time. Maybe it's caused some damage somewhere in there? I know it is no secret, and I do not know what could be. I will not be able to these symptoms, somewhere on the Internet. Anyone out there been before or have an idea of what to be the cause?


rational thinker said...

Take calcium and magnesium, restless legs? You can help.

The pain of others can be as simple as muscle cramps, but we must receive the extract.

Have you seen "fleeting fleeting?" Some people have always rectal pain that occurs in only about 20 minutes.

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