Monday, January 11, 2010

Cycle Storage Racks Does My 4-cycle Toro Snowblower Need To Be Drained Of Gasoline Before Summer Storage?

Does my 4-cycle Toro snowblower need to be drained of gasoline before summer storage? - cycle storage racks

I read the manual, and it seems to be conflicting signals about it. I have some Sta-bil in the gas state. Even if you do not need to empty gas, the amount of gas I have in the state?
Thank you in advance.


JeffyB said...

Yes, you have to be emptied, but you can also use the stabilizer, if desired. But It'a long time until next winter!

T J said...

I've never been drained, but I know they will form (easiest is to run until exhaustion of the gas if you have a ton to start from there). In this way, you can not jam on you. Sometimes, I have to save gas, it is sometimes empty. In general, it appears that in the summer anyway evaporates.

Everything I had problems with chain saws are - I often have problems after a restart during storage.

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