Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharepoint Boot Camp How Do I Make My Network Computers Stop Searching For TFTP, So I Can Boot Using The LAN F12?

How do I make my network computers stop searching for TFTP, so I can boot using the LAN F12? - sharepoint boot camp

Your network should be repaired after uninstalling SharePoint. DHCP is reinstalled, but if I can not on PCs on the network ReImage because TFTP is one opion F12 before booting from network or "LAN". How do I solve this problem? PLEASE HELP AND THANK YOU!


rlfwolf said...

Not sure if I understand your problem, but TFTP is used in conjunction with DHCP to provide network boot services. This will start as a PXE (Pre-Execution Environment). Pronounced "pixie boot". This means that if you try a machine via PXE boot ReImage, then you should try, after receiving the address via DHCP, tftp. If not, then something is wrong with your PXE boot environment is wrong. I confirm that the DHCP server is configured so that the start address of the server and TFTP server startup files for the MAC address of the computer you are trying to send pictures.

If you do not mention "ReImage PCs networked" I thought he really tried to get the boot from the local hard drive, then via DHCP an IP address. If this is the case, then the boot over the network is irrelevant. You can turn off, wait for network booting in the BIOS completely or only for the launch of the network and not go to the hard drive. You can also use the BIOS and change the boot order to test on the local disk before the network.

Boberell... said...

1) Make sure that the system BIOS and change your startup configuration.
2) Check the settings on the DHCP server, disable the advanced TFTP server.

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