Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Build A Surfboard Rack Anybody Have Tips On Building A Wall Rack For A Surfboard Or Wakeboard?

Anybody have Tips on building a wall rack for a surfboard or wakeboard? - how to build a surfboard rack

You need at least 15 pounds.


jkduehri... said...

The ropes and rollers. Anchor two roles in the ceiling and the wall with a rope with two loops at each end, is up to the end of the tables. You can run up and down the board on the ceiling and down. Check out similar configurations for canoes and bicycles in a sports shop. They are very easy to do if you can observe first.

Mache said...

He held halve .. Get 4 Media L. Find the wall studs and the room where the support of every one of them was a stallion. Drilling small holes in parts and screw conveyors for surboard L. Then you have 2 racks. Also as a function of the size that you might need to cut the length and width.

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